You Can't Always Go Home

Scribbled and scratching
Half finished pages at dawn
People that live here are wondering
Where all their strengths gone.
Moments of splendor
Wind up like ashes in rain,
One look you're smiling,
Another your face is in pain.
I wake up at night
With the sweat on my head.
A look in your eyes
That will haunt me 'til dead.
I just can't seem to shake it
Something about what you said;
How love's like an orphan,
A motherless child gone unfed.

So we laugh with the joker,
Hold back the tears 'til they're gone.
Drink and be merry
They'll find us all dead men at dawn.
We're so far away
From wherever we came.
That sometimes
I wonder we'll see it again
It's true, what they say
You can't always go home
You can't always be warm inside.
That in love we're like orphans,
Strangers in paradise