Terry Moore

Terry Moore The first issue of Strangers In Paradise was published by Antarctic Press in November 1993. It was the first comic book ever drawn by Terry Moore.

Moore had conceived of the idea for SIP while trying to develop a comic strip for newspaper syndication. After repeated failures, Moore visited a comic book store and discovered the new wave of small press publishers enjoying success in the comic book field. He spent a year researching the comic book business while writing and drawing the first issue of his story.


Borrowing a title from an old Tony Bennett hit, Moore submitted copies of his comic to a number of publishers before agreeing to a three issue mini-series with Antarctic.

After the mini-series, Moore launched his own imprint, Abstract Studio, and began self-publishing a regular Strangers In Paradise series beginning with a new issue one in September of 1994. In 1996 Strangers In Paradise won the Eisner Award for Best Continuing Series based on the strength of issues one through eight, the story arc found in the I Dream Of You trade paperback.

Moore joined forces with Jim Lee, Kurt Busiek and James Robinson later in 1996 to launch a new imprint, Homage Comics. SIP began a new Strangers In Where it all happens Paradise story arc for the occasion, with a new number one issue and full color. Moore released eight issues of SIP through Homage before returning to his own imprint to continue the series.

Today, Strangers In Paradise is read worldwide and has been reprinted in seven languages. Moore continues to write, draw and ink every issue personally, publishing a new issue of SIP every six weeks.

Moore's goals for the future include an extensive library of SIP stories, an SIP novel and, yes, a syndicated comic strip.